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和食とお酒 雅
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00:50 24 Apr 24
Was there a place like this?It's such a wonderful shop.I enjoyed my meal with Japanese sake in a calm atmosphere.There is also colored paper posted inside the store, giving the impression that it is a hidden gem.This is the place for special occasions! I highly recommend it.
toru mattiitoru mattii
04:24 20 Feb 24
East ShinsaibashiMiyabi is located on the second floor of the restaurant building.Small space with just a counterThis is a beautiful Japanese style restaurant.It is run by a married couple.You can enjoy your meal in a calm atmosphere.You can feel Mom's commitment to ingredients everywhere, such as the sashimi platter, horse sashimi, Yonezawa beef, and local sake.This year marks the 6th anniversary.It's a good shop where you can feel free to come even by yourself.
14:54 15 Jan 24
FUNAKI KiminoriFUNAKI Kiminori
05:01 06 Jan 24
Go east from Daimaru-mae in Shinsaibashi-suji shopping street and turn south on Kasayacho-suji. The shop is on the second floor, and when you pass by, you always look up at the second floor and want to wander in. Mom's cooking impresses me with its delicate seasoning and cooking methods. You will have a pleasant time with the host who has a lot to talk about and the friendly customers.
08:17 01 Jan 24
This is a restaurant with a calm atmosphere where you can enjoy a wide variety of delicious sake and exquisite dishes!
m yusukem yusuke
11:57 06 Dec 23
A slightly more mature space with only a counter.Cold beer in the summer! (Well, maybe all year round...) Starting with the ate, the carefully selected dishes, and above all, the carefully selected sake is the best! ! Even more so on days when there is oyaji curry on the secret menu...This is a recommended restaurant whether you go alone or with a group.
08:39 20 Nov 23
I went with my mother.Enjoy delicious drinks and food while chatting with two people who love soccer and comedy. Even if you don't know anything about Japanese sake, just ask them what kind of flavor you'd like to drink and you'll be able to enjoy an exquisite sake.
It's delicious no matter what you eat!Also, the owner, landlady, and staff are all wonderful, kind, and friendly people, so whether I go alone or with a friend or acquaintance, it's always a lot of fun! Before you know it, you'll often find yourself having lively conversations with the people sitting next to you when you first meet them!A few times, comedians that I often see on TV came to eat as well, and I was really excited because I love comedy!When we rented it out for a class reunion, they fully cooperated with us in giving a birthday surprise to my teacher, and we were able to make some very good memories!It's a great store where you can feel the warmth of the people! ! !
It was a shop that you would want to go to every day.When I first visited, they were very kind. The atmosphere of the shop is very nice, so even a single woman can spend time here without getting bored.I wasn't able to order much because I was there late at night, but they had a wide variety of sake, and the plum wine was excellent.I will definitely go there when I go to Osaka ☺️

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Phone number 06-6244-2244
Opening hour


Holiday Sunday, National holiday
Budget ¥¥¥
Payment visa visa amex union pay


Address 〒542-0083 Osaka, Chuo Ward, Higashishinsaibashi, 1 Chome−14−23 住吉ビル 2F
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Parking lot No


Seat info

9 seat

Web site http://miyabi.jacklist.jp/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/miyabi0404miyabi/
X(twitter) https://twitter.com/MIYABI20180404/
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