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旬彩 雲海
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Shunsai Sea of ​​Clouds・・・・・・To an izakaya in Kitabatake, AbenoI just had a gathering with some acquaintances (^^)/I sent it to you,The seats feel like semi-private rooms and are clean.Looks like I can do it slowly (^^)/・・・Start with assorted sashimi, fried chicken, and tofu saladDelicious-looking kuekama-yakiSome side dishes⤴︎︎︎⤴︎︎⤴︎︎︎・The restaurant takes great care in preparing the sashimi platter.He shared it with each person,Burns during meetings such as tuna, octopus, yellowtail, etc.It's delicious so I finished it in 5 minutes (^^)/Salads and fried chicken are also delicious ♡♡And the most delicious one was Kuekamayaki, 1800 yen.This is so delicious that it would cost 3,4000 yen at another store.It costs 1800 yen, which is really big.Makes me want to eat it with white rice💦Everything was delicious, including the soup stock rolls.The staff are also friendly andNext time let's go with the whole family ♡♡
23:14 22 Apr 24
This restaurant has a very good reputation for its seafood from Kitabatake.I visited here because the dinner was delicious, but the lunch menu changed daily and was quite substantial.On this day, I had a set meal of tuna sashimi, but the part with many sinews had been cut into strips.There were some spots where it wasn't cut properly, but that can't be helped with tuna.The course I had before was also delicious.This is a restaurant that you can enjoy both day and night.
14:18 15 Apr 24
03:46 08 Apr 24
I don't want to use it anymore because it's overbearing, disrespectful, and scary.
11:42 03 Nov 23
06:18 04 Oct 23
This is a seafood restaurant in Abeno Ward where many famous people come!Inside the store, autographs of famous people are plastered all over the walls.I had the seafood bowl and dashimaki for lunch, and both were extremely delicious.Although the seafood bowl was fresh, there was no odor at all and the seasoning was excellent, and the dashi rolls were well seasoned and had a great amount!It was a great satisfaction!
02:12 21 Aug 23
It's a cozy restaurant where the food is delicious and the staff greet you cheerfully.The shop is famous for its collagen hot pot, so the portions are large enough to satisfy not only women who are concerned about their beauty, but also men.In addition to hot pots, you can also enjoy great value courses and dishes, so we welcome you even in the summer.
miu miumiu miu
08:27 18 Jun 22
A friend invited me to eat at Unkai.I asked for the 2000 yen course.You can eat a lot of things and end up feeling full with the seafood bowl!There are various a la carte options, so I would like to go again.The guys at the store were all in good spirits and seemed nice.
Nelvin BacoroNelvin Bacoro
01:50 05 Oct 18
Very nice
Roka HosonoRoka Hosono
07:29 23 Aug 16
Good stuff

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We order seasonal natural fish from all over the country.

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Phone number 080-3618-5926
Opening hour

11:30 ~ 15:00
17:00 ~ 22:00

Holiday Thursday
Budget ¥¥¥
Payment visa visa amex paypay


Address 4 Chome-3-23 Ojicho, Abeno Ward, Osaka, 545-0023
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Web site https://abeno-unkai.net/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/unkai_official?igsh=MWthb3AydHJ3djM0OQ%3D%3D&utm_source=qr
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