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mas obamas oba
01:17 17 Feb 24
A relaxing, hidden spot in Kyobashi.
05:52 14 Sep 23
Since the master is from Kyobashi, he has a wide range of connections and faces in the area and in various fields, so we can consult about various things and it is like a point of contact for Kyobashi! I am the owner of a private shop (Nicola Trussardi) who just arrived in Kyobashi, and I am very grateful to him for his help! Mr. Angler is a shop that works day and night to make various proposals and liven up Kyobashi ✨ It looks like a cafe where you can drink roasted coffee, but inside it is like a treasure chest (collaborations, camping events, etc.) We are working hard to become a wonderful shop like Mr. Angler!Although he is a quiet president, his spirit for taking on challenges is greater than most! The company president is smart, so if you get to know him well, he might become a great advisor! It's a wonderful coffee shop that is closely connected to the community. ✨ He's reliable, so I wonder if he has a lot of female fans? I am one of them too✨Kamigata local beer is also sold, and of course you can drink alcohol at night 😆The interior of the store has a wood grain style and is very relaxing ✨
An ChanAn Chan
02:02 14 Sep 23
14:01 28 Jul 23
This is a cozy coffee shop with Mr. Sameshima who is doing various things in Peking Bridge. The coffee is good and the banana juice is also recommended.
me meme me
08:54 08 Mar 22
A cafe that everyone who loves coffee should go to.They roast and brew freshly ground coffee every day. It's quite delicious. The types of beans change daily, so it depends on your luck whether you get the beans you like, but I think it's good because you can try a lot of different types. If you get it at the store and you like it, you can buy the beans and take them home, so you can enjoy them while you're there 👍☕️It is recommended because it is a good value for money considering the quality.Although it is a cafe, there is a wide variety of events held, such as fishing, tuna butchering, music, marche, fortune-telling, and nursing care seminars, so you will never get tired of visiting.
Norris WangNorris Wang
00:32 28 Jun 21
The cafe is pretty selective about the coffee and has a small menu. Seating is a little limited but ample for the area I believe.What makes this place unique is the owner's passion for freshly ground coffee and above all fishing. You can see a lot of fishing related items displayed and even video of fishing playing.
13:42 23 Oct 20
A cafe where you can enjoy delicious coffee roasted on the same day.You can relax in a calm atmosphere.The concept of the store is fishing and a stylish interior!Craft beer is also delicious.
07:34 11 Sep 20
Great ice coffee. Very aromatic and acidity is perfect. They also sell craft beer but i only had the coffee.Very interesting shop, and the owner is really cool too. its not usual that fishing theme is paired with coffee. I dig it. You can tell that the shop is built from passion.They have lots of events. They have fishing, coffee, english, etc related events. Check out their instagram account for the schedule.SCR_ANGLER_KYOBASHII asked about coffee and english event. In the coffee event, you get to pour your own drip coffee. Looking forward to that. In English event, american staff are around and you can get to talk to other people and practice your english.

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It's a community space where even new customers can get to know each other.

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Phone number 06-6978-4619
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Holiday Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
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Address 2 Chome-14-27 Miyakojimaminamidori, Miyakojima Ward, Osaka, 534-0023
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Parking lot No