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Jonti PickingJonti Picking
11:38 06 Apr 24
Really good food and the owner is lovely too. Highly recommend. Very reasonable indeed. My picture doesn't really do it justice as we were well into the meal before I realised.
Sarah DarlingSarah Darling
11:35 06 Apr 24
We loved it here. Welcoming atmosphere, children welcome and the food was delicious. We'll be back for sure, would recommend.
Stephen WeeStephen Wee
10:44 30 Mar 24
Wonderful atmosphere here alwaysBeen coming here since the 90s every time I visit OsakaThe owner is tall and very friendlyChankonabe has shrunk in size over the years but taste is still the same the place is still full of laughter and cheers from happy customers
05:08 06 Mar 24
q19 legoq19 lego
13:36 26 Feb 24
I had the chanko set meal. 850 yen.It contains vegetables, meat, fishballs, tofu, etc. in a delicious soup stock. It seems that lunch is not the main business, and it seems that it is not open for lunch at the end of the year or when the sumo tournament is held in Osaka.Previously, I ordered a fried horse mackerel set meal, but it was covered in plenty of sauce. I don't like to put sauce on it, so I thought it would have been better if I had said that earlier.If you prefer not to add sauce, it is better to check when ordering. The croquettes are also topped with plenty of sauce.
06:44 21 Feb 24
08:12 10 Feb 24
Miha OMiha O
12:24 04 Feb 24
The owner, former rikishi Saganobori, showed me how to prepare the chankonabe himself. Cool place.
Arms TeethArms Teeth
09:47 22 Jan 24
① The seats are small.②Unknown accounting. At the end, the total amount was simply handed over to me, but I didn't know if the Tabelog coupon was being discounted or if I was being charged just for the amount I ate and drank.I couldn't listen to the last part because I was drunk and in a group, but I was left with a feeling of confusion afterward.③ Place a few pieces of meat on top. And a lot of Chinese cabbage. It also contains meatballs.This amount is not worth it for this content.It's good for your mental health to think of it as a space expense.Shime's udon is chewy and very delicious.Unfortunately, I won't be going again.
Jason OkazakiJason Okazaki
09:52 15 Jan 24
This little tucked away gem is one of the best restaurants in Osaka! Host is friendly and food is amazing! Would 100% recommend!
08:33 04 Jan 24
Atsuro PetitAtsuro Petit
15:07 05 Dec 22
Made a booking online through Tabelog and got confirmed. A second confirmation email was received the day before the reserved day.But when I arrived on time, it was said that there had been no booking came through from Tabelog. It was a party of 10 people and this did make me a big trouble right away.When I complained with Tabelog, it just stressed that the booking went through successfully in the system and the booking was thus confirmed. Obviously the restaurant intentionally ignored my booking. The man at the shop showed me the faxes of booking from Tabelog in order to prove my booking didn't come through. Well, obviously this is a kind of simple trick... I would think the restaurant just prefer to make the table reserved for somebody else who they are familiar with, or just simply because they don't want to serve foreigner like me....Too bad an experience!
inthepink pinkmartiniinthepink pinkmartini
09:23 15 Jul 19
Just had chanko nabe here for dinner. Totally authentic experience and left feeling very full! Owner is a retired sumo wrestler and very friendly! For non-Japanese speakers, he has photos for you to choose from. If in doubt, just go for the specialty - salt chanko hotpot!
BestWish GoodDayBestWish GoodDay
10:11 19 Mar 19
Great place for good food. I ordered chanko nabe and it was tasty. Also the chef and the employees were very kind and helpful.Also the other guests were really pleasant to talk with.Thanks for my first real meal in Japan since I arrived yesterday.

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