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k ito (アル)k ito (アル)
06:43 08 Mar 24
It was more oily than I expected.
10:54 06 Mar 24
Stopped in because I was nearby for work.There was chicken hot water, salt, and soy sauce, but since it was a ticket-purchasing system, I was worried about making the person behind me wait, so I impulsively ordered extra-thick chicken hot water.Although the taste was delicious, I didn't really notice much of its character. Later, when I looked at other people's comments, I regretted that it might have been salt.It's fine if you already know what you want to order, but if you sit down and think carefully about your order, you may need to be careful.
Uzu raUzu ra
11:57 05 Jan 24
2023.12It can also be used for light drinking purposes.something like that.
kico channelkico channel
06:50 23 Dec 23
It's just delicious😋There seems to be a service if you collect LINE stamps 🈂️
We had delicious.The noodles were thin, but they were well-boiled and very good. This is my favorite ramen shop.
22136 TK22136 TK
03:38 27 Aug 23
I had a delicious 1,000 yen special clam salt ramen. The clam soup was really effective.
Japan's trip VlogJapan's trip Vlog
01:11 24 Jun 20
Best ramen
Michael WalkerMichael Walker
11:58 15 Feb 20
Pretty bad ramen. Better go somewhere else.

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Yone Chan

Yone Chan

It's a very fun ramen izakaya . Please come and visit us.

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