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14:33 29 Feb 24
This is a Yakiniku restaurant near Higobashi Station.I've been here several times for both lunch and dinner, and I was surprised at how delicious the yakiniku (grilled meat) as well as the curry was.The name of the restaurant is Hormones, and it was the most delicious hormone I've ever eaten. They have a wide variety of menus other than hormones, and there are some I haven't tried yet, so I definitely want to go back and order more.
12:21 18 Feb 24
All the meat was delicious.The sauce is also deliciousEverything was delicious other than the meat.I want to come again
I went up the stairs and noticed that the store's name had changed from before.(The previous store was [Yakiniku Shin])hormonesIt's a very easy-to-understand store name.The store layout was exactly the same as the previous store.However, the previous color of pink has been changed to chic black.This alone makes the image completely different.Self-serve rice and soup,Therefore, you can adjust it according to your own hunger.Don't do shameful things like leaving food behind.From 850 yen offal set meal to 1,200 yen full set mealThere are 5 types of set meals, plus a European-style curry for an additional 750 yen.You can add different amounts of meat and toppings.This is what I ordered,Skirt steak set meal: 950 yenFirst, kimchi and sesame chikuwa are served.After that, I went to pick up my own rice and soup.Immediately after that, a plate with bright crimson skirt steak appeared.Woohoo~('ω')ノIt looks delicious.Finish it to your liking with a gas roaster.This time is fun.I think there are 5 pieces of skirt steak, about 100g.It is soft and has the characteristic aroma of skirt steak.The restaurant's sauce is spicy, and it goes well with rice.The egg soup is also delicious.I finished the meal with some energy left.The true value of this restaurant should be revealed at night.I want to drink various kinds of meat with beer.Payment can be made easily with PayPay.Thank you for the meal.
14:07 10 Oct 23
I visited on a trip. Feel free to stop by even by yourself! The meat I received was mainly hormones, and there was no odor at all, the fat was sweet and delicious, and I thought it was carefully processed. The owner was very friendly and we had a great time. I would like to stop by again when I come to Osaka. thank you very much.
Shuji TakadaShuji Takada
06:57 29 Jul 22
I was staying at a nearby hotel, so I had Yakiniku by myself.It was a beautiful store.The meat is tender and the offal is delicious.I was already full when I ordered the shime curry, but it was delicious.At first I thought the curry would be sweet, but it turned out to be quite spicy.

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This is a shop where you can enjoy fresh offal at a reasonable price.

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Phone number 050-5385-7709
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Holiday Saturday
Budget ¥¥
Payment visa visa amex paypay


Address 〒550-0002 Osaka, Nishi Ward, Edobori, 1 Chome−19−3 2F
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Parking lot No


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