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09:35 02 Jan 24
Natu TNatu T
08:18 30 Dec 23
When I called to make a reservation, they asked me the number of children and their ages, and then refused to let me in even though there were spaces available. It's the worst! ! !I'm sorry to say that there are no seats for children.
16:48 17 Dec 23
12:03 16 Dec 23
Due to the large number of customers, drinks and food may be served slowly, but the employees are friendly and helpful. The food was also delicious.
07:42 15 Nov 23
CoCo NutsCoCo Nuts
17:07 11 Nov 23
This restaurant has a nice style of grilling the chicken yourself.I used to go there with a colleague from work, but once the restaurant was closed and I was wondering what was going on, but I went back for the first time in a while and it was better. Wow, the staff were all very nice ✨ I just want to say thank you! It was delicious. Thank you for the meal ✨
09:29 23 Oct 23
It was a restaurant that a friend told me about.The staff's explanations were easy to understand and delicious.I had fun and had a good time with my friends.Thank you for the meal (*^_^*)
08:54 04 Jul 20
Bad smell rip-offEven if customers come, is it a work room? There was only the clerk I was talking to, so I was in trouble.The whole bird had a bad odor, and no matter what it ate, there was a strong odor left behind.The rice bowl has a strong flavor. And the chicken in it stinks.If it's overcooked, it will taste like pool and floats.The seasoning tastes worse than anything else.The firefly squid was smelly and had to be recooked.The frankfurter, which was a cheap lamb that was stuck out and cost 25 yen per bottle, was the most delicious.The forced drinks were terrible.I was thinking of having a drink with him if the item I ordered was delicious, but he was in such a hurry that I didn't even have the desire to order.Also, there were many things that I couldn't order.

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Grill your own yakitori on a piping hot stone grill and the surface will be crispy! The inside is soft. Enjoy with homemade sauce Haruki!

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Phone number 079-453-5000
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Holiday Open all-year-round
Budget ¥¥
Payment visa visa amex union pay we chat pay alipay line pay paypay


Address 〒675-0021 兵庫県加古川市尾上町安田394−1
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Parking lot Yes


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Web site https://www.ojigiya.com/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ojigiya_honten?igsh=MXVyZTBuM3I2aDFybA==
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