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15:49 19 Apr 24
05:56 07 Apr 24
12:50 11 Mar 24
23:51 19 Feb 24
08:08 19 Jan 24
I went there for lunch when I went to Agora.A spacious store.This is a sashimi set meal. 1100 yenThe sashimi was delicious.The price is good value for the location.There was also a daily lunch special.The person I went with ordered it.This is also 1100 yen.The main dish was salmon meuniere, and there were about 5 different side dishes on the same plate. Is it a little salty? It seemed like I felt that way, but it was delicious! I was eating.Next time, I want to try the daily lunch special.I want to go there at night too.
12:30 15 Jan 24
Today's food was also great ⭐️The sashimi is really delicious! !The last croquette was also amazing! !Yoshi Fuji is always very satisfied🎵I’m looking forward to the next one♪♪♪
11:51 15 Jan 24
The food is usually good.employee? part-time job? education?Customer service is not good.
1173 dragon1173 dragon
21:44 21 Jul 23
I went to dinner with Fujiyoshi for the first time in a while🏃5000 yen course with all you can drink🍴I'm glad the manager seems to be doing just as well as before (lol)
Ya ChiYa Chi
07:08 21 Oct 22
October 9, 2022 Used by gatherings of 10 or more peopleI took the coloring course. Although it was a sliding door, they had a private room, and they seemed happy because it was the first time in a long time. All the food was delicious, and I was especially happy that we were able to celebrate.
Onsilius NoblocOnsilius Nobloc
05:18 14 Dec 21
Top tier izakaya food in humble but spacious hall. Great private tatami rooms and tables, large bar for sushi. Great service and delicious dishes plus large drink menu.
Rajesh IyerRajesh Iyer
05:17 20 May 18
This restaurant is located in the Sakai area of Japan - about 4 to 5 train stops from Osaka station in Japan. The settings and food is authentic Japanese. You can book a small room for privacy and you have to sit on the floor. Recommended only for those who live authentic Japanese cuisine.

Mingei Fujiyoshi's recommend

Matsumoto tencho

Matsumoto tencho

This is a store that can accommodate a large number of people! Lots of Japanese food including sushi, tempura and sukiyaki!

Mingei Fujiyoshi's infomation


Phone number 072-224-0041
Opening hour

Friday , Saturday , Day before holiday 22:30

Holiday Wednesday
Budget ¥¥¥
Payment visa visa amex paypay


Address 〒590-0985 Osaka, Sakai, Sakai Ward, Ebisujimacho, 4丁目45−1 ホテルアゴーラリージェンシー大阪堺 地下1階
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Parking lot Yes


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Web site https://www.mingei-fujiyoshi.jp/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/fujiyoshi.sakai/
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