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Sandy TuckwellSandy Tuckwell
03:08 25 Apr 24
Great little local restaurant around the corner from our hotel in Osaka,The Lively. Great service, good selection of vegetable dishes and steak, mainly grilled. Excellent local sake and beer!
08:34 19 Apr 24
I visited this shop for the first time because I had passed by it many times, but somehow I felt like it was always crowded with regulars.I wish I had had the courage to break through that atmosphere sooner.There is a wide variety on the menu, and all of them are delicious.From the standard menu to items you won't find anywhere else.There are many types of alcohol and the instructions are detailed, so it's easy to order.As someone who generally eats late at night, I'm grateful that they stay open until late at night.I fully understood the reason for the crowd.I would like to visit again sometime.
Tsuyoshi KTsuyoshi K
09:01 13 Apr 24
Osaka is Sakaisuji Honmachi, Honmachi Bonten near Higashi Police Station@honmachi_bontenAn izakaya with cheap beer where you can eat everything from sashimi to fried and grilled foods, mainly robatayaki.Homemade 552 Shumai 660 yenOver 551! ? The shumai listed on the menu is steamed and then slightly grilled on the surface, making it feel like grilled xiao long bao.It has a lot of meat and is delicious when eaten with the special yuzu pepper.The price is high for all three, but it's definitely delicious.Shirasu soup stock roll 660 yenThe dashi roll made with a dark yellow egg is topped with plenty of whitebait and is extremely delicious.Dashi rolls are carefully made with plenty of dashi stock and are of very high quality.Beef heart yukhoe 770 yenYukhoe, which is made by cutting fresh beef heart into strips and seasoning it with sweet and spicy flavor, is red, green, yellow, and delicious.In addition, we ordered homemade shime mackerel for 715 yen, potato salad for 385 yen, etc.Food prices start from the 300 yen range, and the sashimi items tend to be expensive, with most being in the 500 yen range.As for alcohol, Sapporo draft beer and medium bottles are cheap at 440 yen, and you can choose Akahoshi or Super Dry for the bottle.In addition, Kaku and Dewar's highballs are available for 495 yen, chuhai is 550 yen, and shochu and sake are also available.The inside of the store is mainly centered around the counter, but it's crowded with office workers on their way home from work.This is an izakaya that is especially recommended for beer lovers because there is an appetizer but the beer is cheap.
yoshiki shutoyoshiki shuto
03:58 13 Apr 24
It's a popular restaurant so it's crowded, but the food was delicious.Above all, the staff's unfriendly customer service is shocking!This is an izakaya with an old-fashioned feel! !I will go again.
Yoshimura KojiYoshimura Koji
10:02 06 Apr 24
07:57 16 Mar 24
It was good that there was a lot of Japanese sake.
17:38 01 Mar 24
The food came out too late...The food I ordered never arrived.billEven the items that didn't arrive were added to my bill.If you ask me, I'm making it now. That's what I mean.a,I will patronize you!If you want YuwanI almost got ripped off.
rikuto hiroserikuto hirose
09:44 01 Mar 24
13:13 25 Feb 24
The food is delicious, so it's always crowded, but the service is slow and the customer service is at the lowest level.It's Zara that doesn't show up after an hour, charges me for food I didn't even eat, and doesn't give me a statement. When I checked, he just said, ``Oh, I'll delete it.'' He didn't even apologize, and he was so convinced that I had my suspicions.
seven sevenseven seven
16:08 18 Feb 24
As mentioned in other reviews, customer service is poor. The response from the large, bearded staff was particularly bad.The other staff members were very responsive, so it would be better to look around and learn how to serve customers.
02:59 29 Jan 24
The store is small. There is a counter in the shape of a bow on the wall and in the middle.It was very crowded and lively.Everything about the rice was delicious, especially the yukhoe and ginger tempura.The store clerk was a little pushy and it was hard to ask for help.I want to go again because the taste surpassed that.
There is a wide variety of menu items, including robatayaki, seafood, meat, vegetables, and a la carte dishes.I'm happy to say that the alcoholic beverages are reasonably priced at 400 yen for medium bottles.A lively and fun atmosphere. The staff are also very lively and nice! I think it's perfect for a drinking party with 2 to 4 people!
Carlo SalemCarlo Salem
04:11 29 Oct 23
Very friendly staff and the food was good. Loved my dinner here and had good sake as well
brian myersbrian myers
21:32 11 Oct 23
3.5 stars-Small, friendly spot near our hotel that served a selection of mostly delicious little izakaya bites. Some on skewers and some plated. English menu and easy conversation with staff about available items. Ordered multiple different meats and veggies as our meal. Seared scallops, grilled shrimp, beef skewers, grilled cherry tomatoes, zucchini, and Shitake mushrooms made up our little feast tonight. The Beef was almost too rare for us, the shrimp were a bit overcooked, scallops seared perfectly, zucchini had a sweet char and was delicious, tomatoes perfect little pockets of sweet juicy goodness, and the mushrooms just too dry. I have no doubt that more visits with different choices would produce even better results. It’s clear they know what they are doing here and recommend a visit if in the area.
Hyojin JungHyojin Jung
07:31 20 Jul 23
We encountered the shop and it was a hidden gem of the town. We asked the most “Osaka” like dishes, and the recommendation was just perfect! God bless Bonten!! See you again!!

Honmachi Bonten's recommend

This izakaya has a wide variety of products from seafood to meat dishes!

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Phone number 06-7709-2603
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Holiday Sunday, Open all-year-round
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Address 1 Chome-2-1 Honmachi, Chuo Ward, Osaka, 541-0053
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Web site https://tabelog.com/osaka/A2701/A270106/27104116/
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