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01:10 17 Jun 24
📍 Popular Bar Sakaraba Tenma BranchI visited Sakalaba in an alley right next to Tenma Station ✌️An izakaya with no blind spots such as oden, sashimi, and snacks!This time I had my fill from noon🥹☑︎Assortment of three types of sashimi ¥930☑︎Sakalaba potato salad ¥420☑︎Sweet potato cheese nuts ¥420☑︎Oden radish ¥220☑︎Kamayaki ¥ask-☑︎Chickpea and mushroom tempura ¥520First of all, the potato salad is delicious!It's delicious to eat potato salad alone, but it's amazing when combined with keema curry 🤤As for the cheese nuts, the sweetness of the potato and the cheese match so well that you won't be able to stop eating them with chopsticks 😂The sashimi is fresh and meaty!The kama is also well seasoned and delicious😋Personally, the must-have is oden radish!Even though it's so thick, the soup stock stains the inside and it's amazing!The homemade plum meat sauce that comes with the tempura can be eaten on its own or as a snack and eaten endlessly🥹It's delicious no matter what you eat 😚No wonder it's full from noon 🥰It was very delicious🫶📪 4-11-20 Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture🕰17:00〜0:00 Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 13:00〜🚫No📱@sakarabatenma#Osaka Gourmet #Ginstagrum #Osaka #Osaka #Kansai #Gourmet #KansaiGourmet #japan #osakagourmet #Tenma Gourmet #Tenma Drinking #Tenma #tenma #Tenma Lunch Drinking #Osaka Lunch DrinkingCheck out other gourmet food on Instagram here 🫶@gohan_terorism
05:51 11 Jun 24
Enter the store at 19:00 on weekdaysI received the following items!___________________________・Box of 12 types of sashimi・Kamayaki 550 yen・Fried baby potato 450 yen・Sea urchin miso sauce - 750 yen・ Fallen mapo tofu 550 yen・Pickled whelk shellfish 380 yen・Menuke sea bream Saikyoyaki 550 yen・Oden platter 650 yen・Chickpea and maitake tempura 520 yen・Shrimp mayonnaise 580 yen・Keema curry 550 yen・Meat miso TKG 380 yen___________________________◼︎Assortment of 12 types of sashimiThe luxurious 12-piece assortment is only available for reservations!・Reservations accepted by phone only・Land price according to the number of speciesIt can be provided at.By the way, usually・5 types of sashimi 1,450 yen for 2 people・7 types of sashimi 2,100 yen for 2 peopleIt will be✨Homemade Tosa soy sauce will be provided.Even though I usually prefer salt, I get it that way.The soy sauce was sweet, and the soy sauce itself had a bonito flavor that brought out the flavor of the fish!The 12 types of this day arebonitoCrest squidFlounderSea bream and kelpFinished mackerelSalmonyellowtailScallopsgreater amberjackabaloneGrilled mackerel with frostingoctopusI was surprised that it contained abalone! The scallops are crisp and fresh with no odor, and the flesh is plump and sweet.The red shrimp is fresh and the miso is rich! The mackerel was grilled, which added to its aroma and made it delicious.Yellowtail, amberjack, and salmon are fatty, and the fish fat gives them a healthy sweetness.The sea bream was seasoned with kelp, which greatly enhanced its flavor, and the Mongolian squid and octopus had good texture. The flounder was thickly sliced ​​and sweet, and all of it was fresh and very satisfying!Sashimi is a must when you come to Sakalava⸜(๑⃙⃘'ᵕ'๑⃙⃘)⸝⋆*◼︎KamayakiI had the luxury of two types.The one with the head is the sea bream and the other is the yellowtail.Quite filling with lots of edible parts!Kama-yaki of this size costs 550 yen, which is reasonable.It has just the right amount of salt and is baked fluffy.The overall flavor here is wonderful.◼︎Seared beef with sea urchin misoThe beautifully marbled, sweet meat is melting in your mouth.The rich flavor of the sea urchin miso adds a touch of saltiness for a perfect balance.I was honestly surprised by the quality of the meat!◼︎ Fried baby potatoIt's fluffy, soft, and has a rustic flavor that allows you to enjoy the sweetness of the ingredients.Although it says it's fried chicken, it didn't feel greasy and I enjoyed it even though I don't like fried foods.◼︎Oden assortmentGobotenKonnyakuJapanese white radishEggChikuwa5 types. The dark color makes it look like it has a strong taste, but when you eat it, you will love the gentle taste of the soup stock!Delicious with the taste of daikon radish!The konnyaku also had a hidden knife in it, making it soft and flavorful, and I thought it was elaborate.◼︎ Spicy pickled whelk shellfishTakowasa shellfish version! Ate's teppanyaki menu had a lot of whelk shellfish ✨✨ Personally, I'm happy that there was a lot of wakame seaweed that was served with a fun crunchy texture.◼︎ Fallen mapo tofuAs it is served, there is a scent of pepper✨✨When you eat it, it's fine at first, but then there's a strong spiciness that hits your throat. The seasoning is not too strong, but it has a rich flavor.◼︎ Menuke sea bream Saikyo-yakiIt looks like a Japanese restaurant with a side dish.The miso taste is quite gentle and easy to eat! A dish that is irresistible for fish lovers, as the meat is perfectly grilled and fluffy.◼︎ Chicken fillet and maitake tempuraIt comes with salted seaweed and homemade plum meat, and the plum meat contains bonito, so it's delicious enough to be eaten on its own.The tempura is skillfully fried with a light batter that you can tell by looking at it. It also came with a lot of chicken fillet, so it was a good value for money!◼︎Shrimp mayonnaiseIt's plump and easy to eat with a light coating.A simple and gentle taste of aurora sauce and chili sauce.◼︎Keema curryMild spiciness with good spice flavorIt's not too flavorful and can be eaten easily, so it's perfect as a finishing touch.◼︎ Meat miso TKGThis is so delicious!With just the right amount of seasoning and garlic, the meat miso becomes addictive!Highly recommended as the price is reasonableHonestly, it was really delicious!The best store I likeI loved it so much that I feel happy every time I come to Tenma 🥹Seafood lovers should definitely go 🩷
10:07 09 Dec 23
All-you-can-drink for 500 yen, I'm sure it was less than 800 yen, but the alcohol wasn't as bad as what you'd get at a cheap izakaya.Although the food was of good quality and delicious, I was surprised that it cost around 2,000 yen per person after eating so much. Even though I'm a big eater😂I'm lucky to have found such a cheap and delicious izakaya near the station ✨I also appreciate that smoking is allowed.Definitely a repeat purchase 🙆‍♀️
Vida HsuVida Hsu
14:38 05 Sep 23
Great serviceNice food
10:25 30 Aug 23
1 minute walk from Temma StationBetween the fish appetizer and the meat centerThere is a shop in the back alley.The store has 14 counter seats and 3 two-person tables.Apparently there are table seats on the second floor as well.Apparently it opened in September last year.It was extremely popular and a hidden gem! !You can enjoy a variety of dishes such as seafood, oden, fried foods, and ate.Everything was delicious.Especially recommendedA box of 5 types of the most popular sashimi! !The standard oden starts at 90 yen, so it was good and cheap.The beef tataki was also tender.It was even more delicious when I added the sea urchin miso!The store manager was very energetic, talked to me in a friendly manner, and was kind and nice.It's open from 12:00 noon on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, so you can have lunch as well.It's great for when you can't find a restaurant or for a quick drink!

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Taishu Sakaba Sakaraba is a lively izakaya located just a minute's walk from Tenma Station in Osaka. Known for its inviting atmosphere and a wide array of seafood dishes and oden, it's a great place to experience the local dining culture. The restaurant offers a selection of Japanese sake, shochu, and even wine, ensuring there's something for every palate. With its stylish yet relaxed ambiance, it's perfect for a casual night out with friends or even a solo adventure. The friendly staff and reasonable prices make it a popular spot among both locals and visitors. Enjoy a memorable meal at Sakaraba and immerse yourself in the authentic flavors of Osaka.

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Phone number 050-5589-7744
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Mon-Fri: 17:00 - 00:00 (L.O. Food 23:00, Drinks 23:30)
Sat-Sun & Holidays: 13:00 - 00:00 (L.O. Food 23:00, Drinks 23:30)

Holiday Open all-year-round
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Address 4 Chome-11-20 Tenjinbashi, Kita Ward, Osaka, 530-0041
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