Taisho Yakiniku SUN Nasubi!!

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  • Thick-sliced upper skirt steak
08:38 27 Apr 24
I love Misuji and go there.
12:23 24 Apr 24
It was so delicious!Thank you for the meal.This is a shop I would like to visit again!
09:44 24 Apr 24
The carefully selected meat is tender and delicious, and the staff will serve you with a smile. It's very comfortable and I like it 😊
A store worth visiting on the Nth trip to Osaka. 1 minute walk from Taisho Station. The advantage is that the grilled meat is purchased directly from a meat wholesaler, so the price is low. The concept is for single customers, providing menu items in small portions at affordable prices. The meat doesn't show any finesse, but has a simple and healthy taste. The advantage is that you can go as a group and taste various parts. It feels like they are quite particular about the quality of meat. Reviews can be found on YouTube’s “3 Minute Travel.”
11:52 14 Apr 24
The thickly sliced ​​tongue and skirt steak are especially delicious!
13:32 07 Apr 24
The staff are friendly and delicious.
13:10 07 Apr 24
The inside of the store was clean and the meat was delicious!I will visit you again when I come to Taisho🫶🏻
13:07 07 Apr 24
It was after a live show, but I was able to get in right away after making a reservation.
12:57 07 Apr 24
I ate a lot of different parts that I don't normally eat. Shimacho was delicious.
12:57 07 Apr 24
It was a good amount for one person and the price was reasonable.The rice went well with the meat and was easy to eat.
11:53 17 Mar 24
A shop right near Taisho Station.The atmosphere inside the store was bright and comfortable!The staff were also cheerful and attentive, making the meal enjoyable.The meat was also very delicious, and you could feel the restaurant's commitment to it, and you could feel that each piece of meat was carefully selected, and it was all delicious.Personally, I highly recommend the famous thick-sliced ​​upper tongue and thick-sliced ​​upper skirt steak, and they are definitely must-order items!Of course, you can't miss the offal, so I felt like this is the place to go if you want to enjoy meat.This is a store that I would like to visit regularly, so please give it a try.
13:22 12 Mar 24
It was the best
13:19 12 Mar 24
Chi SeChi Se
06:37 12 Mar 24
This Yakiniku restaurant is a short walk from Taisho Station.I'm glad it's near the station.Although the fruit in the stomach is very good, the price is not too high, and it is good value for money, so even girls can go there together.Particularly recommended are the thick-sliced ​​skirt steak, salted tongue, misoji, and grilled liver, all of which are fresh and delicious.Also, the kimchi was delicious and I was glad that I could get a second helping.They also have alcoholic beverages such as chamisul and makgeolli, so if you love Korean food, be sure to check it out!
12:58 11 Mar 24
I went for the first time with 5 co-workers!The meat is really delicious, and even though it's a yakiniku restaurant, the smell doesn't stick to your clothes or hair.Even though it's tan, it's extremely soft and you'll be addicted to it☆The atmosphere of the store and the staff was nice, and it seemed like there were a lot of regular customers, so I felt loved.I will go again!
Shin YShin Y
02:54 19 Jan 24
This is a Yakiniku restaurant near Taisho Station. There are so many things on the menu, including yakiniku, offal, and alcohol, that I always get confused.All of them are very delicious, and I always eat makgeolli, but makgeolli served in a kettle is rare and I like it.At first glance, the owner looks big and intimidating, but when I talked to him, he was very easy to talk to, friendly, and fun.When in doubt, we recommend asking the owner for recommendations.I will go again!
Thomas kaoThomas kao
11:17 11 Jan 24
The food is ok but the reason I gave only one star is we have been charged a bunch of items that we didn’t know where those items are from. Appetiser 1600 yen which we didn’t order, my partner thinks that might be the basic cost for lettuce which comes with meat dish? We have been given a dish of green onion, later on we asked for some fresh garlic, the lady misunderstood us and gave us green onion instead which is fine, but later on we found it is all charged on us. It ends up we have been charged 40% more than what we expected. The plum wine I ordered tasted like water…..
09:34 27 Dec 23
Located in Chika station, 3 minutes walk from Taisho station.It was a bright and nice yakiniku restaurant!The tables and chairs don't feel sticky, which is common at Yakiniku restaurants, and the restrooms are also very clean.It is also called a year-end party.I ordered the Yakiniku set menu with all-you-can-drink.Thick-sliced ​​beef tongue that is irresistible for beef tongue lovers, it has no odor and is very delicious! !Both red meat and short ribs are cut to bring out the maximum flavor of the meat.For the size of meat that is not slicedVery satisfied. To customers at the store, andI felt a love for meat.The restaurant is so particular about its rice that it has its own blend of ingredients that go well with the yakiniku, so you keep getting refills.I went there with a group of fellow managers who often have dinner together and know a lot about the restaurant, and everyone was satisfied.I'll visit you again!
00:59 15 Jul 23
I went to Nasubi, a Taisho Yakiniku restaurant located 3 minutes walk from Taisho Station in Taisho Ward, Osaka.I've been to this restaurant several times before, and it was delicious before, so this is my 5th time here.The store is lively and full of customers.There are table seats and counter seats, and this time I ate at the counter seat.I ordered the famous skirt steak, which is thick and soft and recommended.All-you-can-eat kimchi. You can start with an assortment of kimchi, and then order what you like.The thinly sliced ​​tongue comes with a heaping amount of green onions on a separate plate, so you don't have to worry about the green onions falling to the bottom as you grill the tongue and then put the green onions on top.Ordered top loin, misuji, and cold noodles.The cold noodles were small, so they were easy to eat.The store staff was also friendly and nice.Thank you for the meal!
Naoko OtaNaoko Ota
09:22 14 May 23
Nothing good.

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Address 1 Chome-5-10 Sangenyahigashi, Taisho Ward, Osaka, 551-0002
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