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Sakaba Tachimachi's recommend


Sakaba Tachimach, located in the hidden alleys of Higashi-Umeda, offers a cozy and intimate dining experience with a unique blend of Japanese and Asian ethnic dishes. This charming izakaya is perfect for those looking to explore creative cuisine and enjoy a variety of drinks, including Japanese sake and shochu. The stylish interior and friendly atmosphere make it an ideal spot for both casual nights out and special gatherings. Don't miss their signature dishes, which highlight the freshest vegetables and fish. Whether you're dining solo or with friends, Sakaba Tachimach promises a delightful and memorable experience in Osaka.

Sakaba Tachimachi's infomation


Phone number 080-8313-1872
Opening hour

Wed-Sun: 17:00 - 23:00
Mon-Tue: Closed

Holiday Monday, Tuesday
Budget ¥¥
Payment visa visa amex


Address 2-9-6 Sonezaki, Kita Ward, Osaka, Osaka 530-0057, Japan
Google map
Parking lot No


Seat info

29 seats (1st Floor: 7 counter seats, 4 table seats; 2nd Floor: 18 table seats)

Web site -
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/tachimachiumedaneo/
X(twitter) -
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/1430661770552937/