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08:49 18 Apr 24
was delicious
08:03 13 Apr 24
Shin YShin Y
07:25 13 Apr 24
It's right next to Taisho Station and has a terrace, so it might be nice on sunny days or in the summer.There are various shops inside, so you can have a ladder and have fun.This time I went to this restaurant for lunch.It was very delicious, and I had the rice bowl and kushikatsu, and the kushikatsu was a good option since I could drink it from noon.The communal toilet was also spacious, clean, and made me feel safe.This time it will be at night, and when it gets warmer, I would like to eat on the terrace.The staff at the store were also friendly and easy to talk to.I will go again!
10:49 08 Apr 24
The meal was delicious.
10:36 08 Apr 24
Delicious and cheap ❤
17:46 02 Apr 24
The yakiniku bowl made with pork belly was very delicious.
13:19 02 Apr 24
I was drawn to the name and tried it!The platter had a variety of meats and sausages and was very delicious ☺️We recommend the platter so you can share it with the people you're going with.The sinew stewed yakisoba is very filling and will definitely come back again🌈The staff was very friendly and I would like to go there again!The atmosphere of Tugboat and the shop matched well.
ueda tigerueda tiger
11:59 29 Mar 24
Every dish was so delicious that I ended up eating most of the menu!The staff were also friendly and fun!I want to go again. .
shizuo araishizuo arai
10:49 29 Mar 24
A beef skewer shop located in the food hall of Tugboat Taisho. It was great with the atmosphere of the deck floor that felt like it was floating on a river, and the reasonably priced meat and alcohol 😊
04:36 25 Jan 24
The specialty is beef skewers grilled on a large iron plate.The yakisoba with stew stew was also excellent.Above all, it's a stylish place along the river, so it's a place you definitely want to go on a date or when you want to hang out with friends.
23:39 14 Jan 24
I may have missed it a bit, but I couldn't finish it because of the smell...!The atmosphere of the restaurant and the menu looked delicious, so if I have a chance, I would like to try it again!
04:37 21 Sep 23
delicious. The atmosphere was also good.

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Beef skewers and stewed yakisoba noodles are our specialties!

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Phone number 090-9162-0952
Opening hour

Monday~Friday 16〜23
Saturday and sunday 11〜23

Holiday Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, National holiday, Open all-year-round
Payment visa visa amex paypay


Address 1 Chome-1-14 Sangenyanishi, Taisho Ward, Osaka, 551-0001
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Parking lot No